around the world in 80 sandwiches

i’ve traveled alot, at different times and for different reasons in my “grown up” life. i love adventures to new places and meeting new people. i love learning about the world. one thing that has always remained consistent is my travel buddy:

the sandwich

the sandwich is not just a travel buddy, nor is it just a plastic lunchbox shaped like a peanut butter sandwich. it’s kind of my favorite thing in the whole world. we met at a yard sale in southington connecticut in 1995. it cost fifty cents. since then, i haven’t left my house without it. really.

i’ve taken hundreds of photos of the sandwich in front of various monuments and landscapes around the world. i think it’s much more interesting than seeing me as a dirty, travel-beaten backpacker stood in front of some beautiful or bizarre thing. the sandwich conveys a sense of whimsy, which is true to the tale of my sandwich self, or at least i hope. locals giggle at the foolish american taking photographs of her silly toy. i accept full responsibility for being a dork.

in 2003, dr friendly asked me to participate in a multimedia event at a great little place in san francisco called Aloft. i was inspired to finally put all my sandwich photos together into a neat little slideshow titled around the world in 80 sandwiches, complete with sandwich-themed music (courtesy of my good friend soren, who somehow found over 180 minutes of sandwich-related music on the internet). i thought it was about time to share it here on

we’ve shared a lot of adventures, me and my sandwich. we intend to have many more.

oregon trail



emporer penguin

the white house

marrakesh, morocco

camel races, virginia city, nevada


the david, florence, italy

monkey, laos

more ….

happy travels,

love, sandwich


2 thoughts on “around the world in 80 sandwiches

  1. I am very impressed with all the travelling you have done though – by “impressed” – i mean jealous. You’re a very lucky person and I think it’s great tha you used a sandwich to introduce your travels for you. I, too, am a sandwich girl. For almost two years now. I only call myself that because of the job I have haha. Love this blog and the sandwich idea was very creative!

  2. Wow! Loved the sandwich bag lol! I wish I could do all this travelling, I’m saving for a big trip hope I can make it. My friend (Daniela) is a traveller like yourself but it is coz of her work.. see here what she does for living visit here, but I don’t judge

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